Tents - Which are the best tents to travel?

Again and again people are asking for the perfect tent in the Internet. At this subject the "consumers" seems to need better information, then all the colour full adverts of professional marketing agents.
That high prices not neccecary garantee good quality is know, science even very expensive brand products are made in the same factory's in Bangladesh or Chine as cheap things.
Comparison of different tents
It is similar with tents. While traveling, it is very frustrating, if a very expensive tent with a cool futuristic design always takes a lot of time to packed away and pitched again on a different place.
Comparison of different tents
In this case a simple construction is much better. Throw tents, that you just unpack and throw so they assembles them selfe, before they land on the ground, have the bid disadvantage that they are hard to break down and huge to pack. I also doubt that their under stress twisted rods will last very long.
Comparison of different tents
Long lasting, military, army or tunnel tents don't stand without pegs, so they cant be used on hard or metal ground.
So what can one do to get life saving malaria protection on a ferry or an asphalted bag yard?
Comparison of different tents
Now the great hour for iglu tents comes. Those 50 Dollars cheap tents are wide spread for a good reason. for example: High Peak tent Texel 3, red/alu, 10075, 3 persons with hooks to attache the inner tent or Grand Canyon trekkingtent PHOENIX M (3 persons), gray/ sand, 220x220x135.
Comparison of different tents
Iglu tents can be used on hard ground without pegs, have a mosquito net at the entrance and can protect someone from rain with two layers of material. Nevertheless they are very fast and easy to pitch. Just two fiberglass rods one across each other. Then attache the inner tent from the bottom and the rain cover from the top. Finished.
Of course one can still use pegs to fix the tent so it cant be blown away during a big storm. If the weather is very hot, one can also leave the rain cover away and just use the tent to protect against malaria or dengue fever. If one sews the entrance, one don't need to carry the two not very useful front sticks anymore.
Comparison of different tents
All the tents i know last around two years or one time around Africa, if they get used every day. Then all the zippers will be warn out. Unfortunately all the tents i know use the fine zippers and not the strong on's that are being used for motorbike clothes.
Many times i also have seen very expensive tents, were the ultra light aluminium poles have been broken. The companies have always offered free replacement, but this does not help far out in the jungle.
The water column indicating the water resistance of the tent gets faked a lot. Many shops declare different numbers for the same tent in their advertisements. Nevertheless this number is not useful at all. Using three cans of Impregnation, one can make every tent waterproof.
The only reason against iglu tents is that they are to small to park a motorbike inside ;-)
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