Build your own panniers made easy

The self-construction of side cases for motorcycles is allowed in Germany. Things that can be removed without additional tools (apart from the tools on board), are considered as luggage and must not be registered by the TÜV in the vehicle documents. That is why wing nuts and wing nuts are used for fastening .
The necessary carriers are indeed screwed tight, but are (as well as lamp holder or Navi-holder) registration free, as long as their known are not pointed but rounded.
Of course, the easiest way to use them is to use softbags or rucksacks, which are attached to the right and left side of the bike in the same way as bicycle bags.
The advantage is the lighter weight. However, things stored inside are exposed to the weather and can easily be stolen.
Aluminum side cases, also called aluminum boxes , are available from various manufacturers. Unfortunately, they are usually priced so high that not everyone can afford such a suitcase.

In this case, a self-construction can lead to the same result favorable. In principle, everything can be attached to the motorcycle, for example, this one (click). To make them lockable, let's just take this lock set.
An extravagant, individual eye-catcher at motorcycle meetings are 20 liter jerrycans, longitudinal sawed and riveted with 2.5 meters Kannteschuzt, 2 brass or galvanized hinges and one each closure with blind rivets to motorcycle side cases. Respect who makes himself. Anyone can buy boring off the rack.
Significantly more stable and waterproof are old ammunition boxes of the Bundeswehr. The same are always offered cheap on the Internet. Their weight is 8.2 kg each.
Even on scrap yards you can always buy aluminum cases for the kilo price of the material. The same can be easily attached with water pipes or two bent strips (also from the junkyard) on the motorcycle.
From both strips simply turn one U at a time. The black U goes from the left passenger footrest behind the mudguard over to the right footrest.
The red U is attached to the rear frame with angle brackets (blue dot) and then holds the black U.
If you now drill three holes in the ledges on the left and on the right, you get the 3 points necessary to fasten the suitcases (green). Just screw through, side case on it, big washer and wing nut over it. Done is the carrier.
Cool gasoline canisters now simply flex on the length and provided the sharp Kannte with Kansschuzt , so you do not hurt.
To make the suitcases really rainproof, you also get a grooved H profile and saw off one of the four bars. So it is the small h profile that is now stuck on the protection of the identity. Now simply rivet the hinges (box tape) and the closure. The side cases, which can now be easily fastened with thumbscrews and wing nuts through suitable bores on the luggage carrier, are ready. If the original turn signals are in the way, you can either use smaller LED models or relocate them with an extension to the rear. All statements without guarantee!

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