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Why travel? You can also see the world on television

In my opinion money is best invested in traveling . The experiences and memories last for a lifetime and no economic crises or inflation can take it away. The world out there is also HD and delivers a better 3D image than any flat screen TV can do. However, distances out there can not be measured in the size of football fields ...


How can you afford a trip? Travel for less than 5 euros per day

Again and again people ask me how I can finance my trips. These people work every day for a car wich they need to get to work and for the rent of a flat they sleep in before they go to work again even it is so easy to break this circle.
To travel can be much cheaper than to stay at home. Even cheaper than a box of cigarettes every day. You just have to consume less and act more intelligent:
1) Do not buy new products, vehicles or smart phones. Let others, who always want to own the newest things, finance their high loss of value. A old bike for 700 Euro is better to travel anyway then a complicate high tech bike for 18.000 Euro with a high loss of value per km. For this you have to work two years and can't use this time to travel. Also you can sell this bike for the same price after the trip.
Especially in our "advanced" throwaway Country's clever people can get fully functional, used products for a fraction of the new price.
2) Already life in a truck or tent while planning a trip, as if traveling already. Sell everything which does not fit in.
From more then 50 countries i have visited so far, Germany was the only one were i got a fine for wild camping. When i was wild camping at the beach in France or an Arab Country instead, people offered fresh Baguette or coffee in the morning :)
Hint: In Germany it is allowed to sleep in a car for one night "Zum Wiedererlangen der Fahrtüchtigkeit". Truck drivers are even forced to do so, after 8 hours of driving. You have to beat the system with its own weapons ;)
3) Don't spend more money then you have and never accept contracts who will become costly in the future and dont use an new expensive smartphone / bike or car with because of their hight loss of value. Insted of a 18.000 Euro bike wich will force you to work for it two years rather take a 700 Transalp. Old bikes you can even sell for the same price after the trip. Forget this with a new bike ;)
A months sellery of 3000 Euro was enouth for 11 months of holliday in Africa, Southamerica and Asie.
Mr. Money explanes the same topic very well.
If you sticks to all of that, one can save £ 800 per month while earning £ 1000. This will last in Africa and South America (motorcycle, Visa, fuel, food, tents) for about 5 months on the road.
So for the salary of a three months job, one can already travel a year and visit countries that most consumers wont even find on the world map.

How to get so much time? I only have 30 days of holiday

We all have the same amount of time. You just have to make priorities and decide, what you want to do in your life and later on tell his grandchildren: "Grandfather has been working in an office sorted files for 50 years" or "Grandfather has made a motorcycle trip around the world." Those who life frugally, have to waste less time to earn money. However, most people use their limited life time to work for status symbols and to work products that have been intentionally designed so that they break after a short time.

Why ride a motorcycle? SUVs are more comfortable

Right. To travel in the car is much more comfortable, especially in the rain or during winter. In addition, you can talk in a car with your partner while driving. However, a motorcycle consumes significantly less fuel and is cheaper on ferries and toll roads than large vehicles. Motorcycles are also more maneuverable and easier to repair. SUVs and trucks, however, offer a dry, lockable place to sleep and are also suitable for families.

Is expensive equipment better? I want to be cool

Cool is not someone who (maybe even on installments) buys or adorns herself with fancy brands, but who is did something cool. When traveling away from our decadent consumer society, the function of things is more important than their appearance.
A tent easy to pitch is better for daily use than a complicated one, with a futuristic design and great name. The same with for motorcycles. It is easier to get parts for widely used, older machines as for new or exotics ones with on-board computer. In addition especially in poorer countries one gets treated as money on legs, if with modern clothes one looks like coming directly from Mars.

Why travel alone? Is it dangerous?

The risc of being robbed is much higher in the modern world then in a third world country. Everywhere the police is hiding with speed cameras trying to get money out of you.
Unfortunately most Germans are too afraid to do something, so according to a study they invest their money in buying insurances and prefer to consume rather then to travel the world. Yes, life is dangerous and always has a deadly end. Anyway when traveling one is never alone. One always meets great people along the way :)

Is England the center of the world? Are there more beautiful countries out there?

England is one of the richest countries on this beautiful planet. However its not the money that makes life beautiful, but the quality of life and the way people dealing with each other. Right here many people in England have large deficits. Thy live in single househalds insted together with friendy and family. England is so small and insignificant, that over half the world's population don't even know where it is. There are soooo many nicer countrys.
All actions are fictitious. Similarity to existing real person or company is purely coincidental ...

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